At Mary Michelle Winery we embrace an artisan style approach to winemaking. It starts with the finest fruit, lovingly grown, or carefully sourced. It is then crafted and blended in small batches to maintain maximum flavor. The stewards for our tradition of quality, are a team of exceptional winemakers. Our current winemakers apprenticed with our original master winemaker Andy Litwack

For 27 years, Andy Litwack was a winery owner and consultant. He was a UC Davis graduate, with a degree in Fermentation Science, who utilized his education and experience to make wines that were enjoyed by a loyal worldwide following. After turning over the operation of his California winery to his son, Andy returned to his roots to make award-winning, premium wines in Illinois. During his 7 years of making wine at Mary Michelle, he shared his passion and knowledge with the next generation of our winemakers. With Andy’s passing in 2017, the group fully took over the reins and carried on his tradition of winemaking excellence. 

Because of Andy’s relationships with other master winemakers, to this day our team still has access to the best minds in the wine business. This allows us to stay current with all the latest methods. The payoff, is that we are able to consistently produce wonderfully drinkable wines at truly exceptional values.

Drink up and enjoy!