Mary Michelle Winery Sparkling Velvet White

The Mary Michelle Sparkling Velvet White is a refreshing, low alcohol wine. The bubbles further express the floral character of the Niagara grape. The floral nose has the unique Niagara presence. The wine is floral but not over perfumey. The balance of sugar and acid makes this an easy wine to drink.

Considering millions of children for over 100 years drank Welches Niagara White Grape juice, it is a well-known taste. It is a delicious wine to drink. Serve chilled as a refreshing beverage or with pork and chicken dishes.

Bottle 750 ml
Alcohol 6%
Fermented Niagara Grape Juice


10% Discount for 6-12 bottles.
15% Discount for 12 or more bottles.