Mary Michelle High-Quality Hemp

Our Story — Low-THC, High-CBD Hemp Flowers

For three generations our Hindelang Berger family has been working the land in the fertile Lower Illinois River Valley. That is where we created the Mary Michelle Winery and Vineyard. In 2019 we cleared four prime acres and started farming the highest quality organic hemp. The name of the vineyard and farm, Mary Michelle, pays tribute to our founder’s mother, Mary, and his and wife, Michelle. 

As award-winning wine grape growers, we learned a thing or two about creating the most flavorful crop. We took our knowledge of the land and consulted the best minds in hemp cultivation, to produce a bumper crop of plump low-THC, high-CBD hemp flowers. This is the good stuff– quality you can taste and rich with benefits to enhance your wellbeing and lifestyle. 

Our unprocessed hemp flowers are full of beneficial natural cannabinoids, terpenes, trichomes and other desirable phytochemicals. Whether you smoke our premium full-spectrum untrimmed hemp flowers, bake them for use in edibles, or try our tinctures, isolates and other products, rest assured you are getting nature’s finest delivered direct to you. Of course, all our products are lab-tested to ensure they contain no more than 0.3 percent THC, so you can enjoy all the benefits, without the worry that can come from the psycho-active properties of THC.

Our Land

It is our belief if you want the purest natural crop, you grow it in the ground under the elements, not in some lab or greenhouse. The key to why our hemp flowers are simply better, is because our land is rich and the weather perfect for bringing out the best in each bud.

Our Mary Michelle Farm is located where the Illinois, Mississippi, and Missouri Rivers come together.  The Rivers create a very unique growing climate. Days during the summer are hot and humid with cooling westerly winds that blow through in the late afternoon. The heat promotes growth and the mild evenings allow the hemp plants to cool down and concentrate the phytochemicals produced during the day. During the winter, spring and early summer the land is naturally irrigated by up to 34” of rain. During the dry season the Hemp plants flourish and produce flowers with concentrated amounts of cannabinoids and terpenes essential to creating the high-potency full-spectrum hemp flowers that are superior in every way.

Our Process

If purity, potency and pleasurable use is important to you, then the methods used to grow, harvest and process the hemp flowers is a big deal. For starters all of our legally grown Mary Michelle’s hemp flowers are 100% organic outdoor grown. Our fields are free of pesticides, chemicals and heavy metals. The strain we selected for planting, Cherry Cross, is recognized by many users as a “happy strain.” This hybrid can produce as much as 22% CBD. This is not a “skunky” smelling bud. Our Cherry Cross is famous for its fruity aroma and floral taste perfect for soothing mind and body. 

While many CBD products are derived from hemp plant biomass, we only offer full-spectrum untrimmed hemp flowers, or products made from our hemp flowers. Biomass is a fancy way of saying grinding up inferior stalks and leaves to extract cheap CBD. By comparison the flowers we hand-harvest, are the premium part of the plant, richest in active ingredients like cannabinoids and terpenes.

Once our Mary Michelle hemp plants are carefully harvested, we hang them upside down in dark drying rooms to produce a higher concentration of phytochemicals. The time and care we take, makes all the difference. Because we leave our flowers untrimmed, we can offer you superior quality at remarkably competitive prices.

We are farmers who are passionate about growing the naturally best hemp flowers anywhere. We hope you enjoy our products and live well.